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Ahriman: Death Before Dying

A hesitant gunshot by a military sniper, a historic speech at a king’s tomb and a slip in determination. These three events create a tear in the timeline of a soul’s reincarnation. It is up to the spirit of good Spenta-Mainyu to purify the reincarnated soul, who has been tainted by the destructive spirit Ahriman.

From writer/director Mani Nickpour

Ahriman: Death Before Dying takes its audience on an extensive venture through time by following a tainted soul through three life cycles.

The journey begins with introducing a benevolent spirit and protector of realms, Spenta-Mainyu, who is sent to earth by the Persian goddess Anahita.

Spenta-Mainyu’s task is to purify the reincarnated soul that the destructive spirit, Ahriman, has tainted.

The first lifecycle belongs to Cyrus the Great, king of Persia, accompanied by a Siberian shaman. Cyrus learns to understand the meaning of his visions and the nightmares he endures.

The second lifecycle is that of a Greek demigod: Perseus, who is on a mission to find the Elixir of Life. After encountering the alluring Andromeda, Perseus’s dedication to his quest is tested.

The third and final lifecycle tells the story of Nima, an ex-soldier in Amsterdam struggling with a dangerous mental condition after serving in the Iraqi war.

Spenta-Mainyu navigates through all three life cycles to guide the tainted soul with the sole purpose of defeating Ahriman.

Meanwhile, Nima realizes that the mystic doctor Razi, with his self-made “dream-machine,” is the only person who can help him understand the baffling meaning of his visions.

Will Spenta-Mainyu complete the purification of the tainted soul and thus save all three life cycles, or will the spirit be forced to face his downfall?

Trailer Ahriman: Death Before Dying


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