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Ahriman Death Before Dying Best Feature Film Award Phenomena Festival 2023

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"Ahriman: Death Before Dying," the fantasy film directed by Mani Nickpour, has clinched the Best Feature Film award at the Phenomena Festival 2023 in San Paolo.


Amsterdam– December 2023 – “Ahriman: Death Before Dying,” the fantasy film directed by Mani Nickpour, has clinched the Best Feature Film award at the Phenomena Festival 2023 in San Paolo.

Phenomena Festival declared, “Dutch Director Mani Nickpour has gifted us with something truly special, proving that independent cinema made with heart and courage can surpass any work from major studios.”

Director Mani Nickpour conveyed his profound gratitude, stating, “Creating “Ahriman: Death Before Dying” was a labor of love for our entire team. It took countless years of dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to bring this story to life. Winning this award is a testament to the hard work and creativity of everyone involved in the project.

Best Feature Film award Phenomena Festival 2023

Phenomena Festival is a dedicated platform that seeks out the most unique and surreal films, those that not only entertain but also carry a profound message, hidden beneath the surface. These are the films that leave an indelible mark on viewers, taking them on a journey beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary. 

The bustling metropolis of São Paulo and the picturesque coastal town of Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, provides the perfect backdrop for this thrilling festival, with a full week of screenings, panel discussions, and workshops. São Paulo, as one of the biggest markets for independent films, offers an ideal stage to showcase the best in genre filmmaking.

Night Mask Award for Ahriman: Death Before Dying

The prestigious prize is a mask crafted by artist Davi Cananéia exclusively for the festival. Dubbed the ‘Night Mask,’ it symbolizes the mysteries of our worlds, both external and internal. This unique mask possesses the power to unveil our unconscious facets and the dark corners of the soul, as well as illuminate our brightest and most potent potential. Crafted with magic, it stands as a tribute to the best filmmakers on the planet.

This award not only recognizes the value that the art of cinema holds for the Phenomena Festival but is also an expression of our appreciation for the unique, bold, and exceptional mastery represented and demonstrated by this work.

In our ceaseless pursuit of works that transcend mainstream media, we applaud visions, narratives, and films that deviate from conventional molds—films that exist on the edges of the surreal, the mysterious, and the extraordinary.

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Source: Phenomena Festival

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